Rice Globe is an Augmented Reality application for viewing global statistics on rice production, consumption and the billions of people who rely on rice every day.


3D Globe

View the spatial data as it should be viewed - spatially! Rendered in 3D on a customisable globe.

Augmented Reality

View the globe using the tracking cube and your device's camera, providing a natural 3D experience.

Cross Platform

Available for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Time Shift

Travel through time to view trends in rice production and consumption, along with population projections for the future.

Multiple Datasets

Including Population (Historical and Projected), Paddy Production and Yield, Rice Consumption, Calorie & Protein Supply, and more!

Additional Downloads

Includes access to IRRI's Rice Today Magazine, the IRRI Blogs, photographs of the 4th International Rice Congress, and more!


Population (1950 - 2010)

Population - Projected (2010 - 2100)

  • Constant Fertility
  • Constant Mortality
  • Instant Replacement
  • Zero Migration

Rice - Paddy (1961 - 2013)

  • Area Harvested
  • Yield
  • Production
  • Seed

Rice - Milled (1961 - 2011)

  • Food
  • Consumption
  • Calorie Supply
  • Protein Supply
  • Fat Supply
Rice (Milled) Consumption in 1994
(Kilograms / Capita / Year)
Rice (Paddy) Yield in 2013
(Hectograms / Hectare)
Rice (Milled) Consumption in 2005
(Kilograms / Capita / Year)
Projected Population in 2100
(Constant Mortality)
Rice (Paddy) Area Harvested in 2001
Rice (Milled) Calorie Supply
(kcal / Capita / Day)
Rice (Milled) Calorie Supply
(kcal / Capita / Day)
Rice Globe - Welcome

Tracking Cube

Don't have the tracking cube? No problem!

Download Print Template

Simply print, cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines and glue the tabs.

Card stock provides best results.

Data Sources

  • United Nations - World Population Prospects: 2012 Revision
  • Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
  • Vector map data by Wikimedia Commons
  • Satellite and cloud data by James Hastings-Trew